News Briefs – Naked Schadenfreude

Mountains of Mouthiness – I’m crying laughing at this. Texas Governor Orders Guard to Monitor US Military Exercises – “Hi, I’m athe paranoid delusional that you elected governor! Don’t question me!” True schadenfreude is delicious Somebody had a better idea than latitude and longitude or street addresses for communicating location to other people – Not. Anti-gay rights […]

News Briefs – Stacked Up For Days

Baltimore’s dual identity explains unrest – So many parallels to Flint. How Nepal’s earthquake was mapped in 48 hours – 2,182 digital volunteers, trawling 14,700 km2 worth of high resolution satellite imagery, identifying 3,128 damaged buildings. Public Opinion Shifts in Favor of Gay Marriage – Among Republican ranks, those under 50 are mostly in favor. An Anti-Creativity Checklist for […]

News Briefs

Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy A.A. Sponsor Turns in Evans Woman for Underage Party. This story keeps getting better as you read it: Attorney for Evans Party Mom Releases Statement Candy Crush Saga: Man tears tendon in thumb from playing mobile game too much If you are an Android user, go to type in “find my phone.” […]