News Briefs – Stacked Up For Days

Baltimore’s dual identity explains unrest – So many parallels to Flint.

How Nepal’s earthquake was mapped in 48 hours – 2,182 digital volunteers, trawling 14,700 km2 worth of high resolution satellite imagery, identifying 3,128 damaged buildings.

Public Opinion Shifts in Favor of Gay Marriage – Among Republican ranks, those under 50 are mostly in favor.

An Anti-Creativity Checklist for 2015 – I think I’ve seen almost every most of these.

The brains behind the ‘Aha!’ moment – Something that has fascinated me my entire life. There are regular “Ah-ha” moments, they happen all the time. Then there are revelations, less common, but they should happen a few times in several years. Then there is the unicorn of enlightenment, “The Epiphany.” Which we’re lucky if we have one. Ever.

The Deadpan Genius of Buster Keaton – They had me at “The.”  I love it when the internets “discover” old things.

Smartphone Etiquette: When To Send Handwritten vs Digital Notes – I know of only a very few people who have the grace to write notes any longer.  They know who they are.

Nobody Famous anil dash on being famous while being not famous – I’ve had “not fame” flirt with me once or, twice. I understand this quite a bit.  Though, he’s been an “A-list” internets person for many years, I am fond of him 🙂

Dooce is done? Another old-school blogger goes back inside…  to write for themselves.

As Riots Follow Freddie Gray’s Death in Baltimore, Calls for Calm Ring Hollow – I’m playing “catch up” on this story. I’m trying not to drink the facebook Kool-Aid, but my first thought is “F— the police.”  I’m not wrong.

Miss Piggy to receive feminist award, which should end all debate on the subject

Your Password is Too Damn Short

This video reminds us that assholes will always be a renewable resource

Game of Fear: The Story Behind GamerGate – In case you missed this.

Tuna Company Charged Over Worker Cooked Alive With 6 Tons of Fish – Speechless. No pun available here.

State of emergency enacted in Baltimore; curfew starts – Most recent story on Baltimore.