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  • The Politicization Of All Things

    The Politicization Of All Things

    “Everything is all politics all the time and always will be from now on” Prelude: The Good Old Daze Our ancestors, a term I’ve been using quite a lot and perhaps overusing, would go about their daily lives with the provisions, “Never discuss politics” and “Never discuss religion,” or some combination of the two concepts.…

  • Windows 11 – First Impressions

    Windows 11 – First Impressions

    So, I’m a bit late to the game of Windows Insider builds for Windows 11. It seems that they’ve been available since June 2021. I’ve been preoccupied with other matters lately. Now I’m catching up: I missed the leak of the .iso that seemingly set the Windows tech media on notice. Not that I would…

  • Image Compare Test

    Image Compare Test

    Slide the little slider to compare two images. Just toying around with some JavaScript vs the WordPress native block.

  • Busy Work

    Busy Work

    During the pandemic I’ve continued to work the day job and I’ve launched a few new projects: – The Meridian Weekly – Counting the coronavirus – Delivering subscription content from professional wrestling I also continue to maintain The East Village Magazine and Pure Pro Wrestling, which we recently redesigned. I’m working on…

  • Sort By Controversial

    Sort By Controversial

    There is an article, or rather, short story that I keep looking for and keep losing. Here’s “Sort By Controversial.” This fairly well explains the revolting developments of the last 3 years Eh “Moderate” is a conservative trying to look cooler “You’ll have to have a press conference. They would like to interview you,” Prince…

  • Salad Days

    Salad Days

    Sleep – Holy Mountain [Full Album | 1992] is a nostalgic run up… This is much better This dude has been posting the same dinner on Instagram for six freaking years (thx fipilele) Byte, from the Vine people is out of beta and ready for regular schmucks. “good. because TikTok is a cancer” – Verge…

  • Pure Pro Wrestling and paxtonland

    Pure Pro Wrestling and paxtonland

    Since October 2018, we’ve been on the road wrestling, training, and putting on shows. Dash has wrestled in front of thousands of fans, learned about the business of professional wrestling, and has performed at over 50 live shows. Pure Pro Wrestling and it’s owner Joe Byrd (Xavier Justice) have become part of our extended family…

  • Meridian Weekly

    Meridian Weekly

    We launched the Meridian Weekly website a couple of days ago. There were a number of difficult things to overcome, but it’s live. Also created facebook and twitter accounts for them to begin using. The Weekly is published in Ovid Michigan by a small staff and is living proof that print not only isn’t dead,…