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  • The Politicization Of All Things

    The Politicization Of All Things

    Prelude: The Good Old Daze Our ancestors, a term I’ve been using quite a lot and perhaps overusing, would go about their daily lives with the provisions, “Never discuss politics” and “Never discuss religion,” or some combination of the two concepts. These operating models were deployed at work, social, and pseudo-social gatherings. Sometimes, they were…

  • Windows 11 – First Impressions

    Windows 11 – First Impressions

    So, I’m a bit late to the game of Windows Insider builds for Windows 11. It seems that they’ve been available since June 2021. I’ve been preoccupied with other matters lately. Now I’m catching up: I missed the leak of the .iso that seemingly set the Windows tech media on notice. Not that I would…

  • Image Compare Test

    Image Compare Test

    Slide the little slider to compare two images. Just toying around with some JavaScript vs the WordPress native block.

  • The Long March To September

    The Long March To September

    The article was originally published on 3/16/21 at It’s been quite a few months since my last coronavirus update. There was a previous post that was an initial first warning and forward looking view. Like those earlier editorial statements, I will be warning, or attempting to warn family and friends, who will listen, of what…

  • Busy Work

    Busy Work

    During the pandemic I’ve continued to work the day job and I’ve launched a few new projects: – The Meridian Weekly – Counting the coronavirus – Delivering subscription content from professional wrestling I also continue to maintain The East Village Magazine and Pure Pro Wrestling, which we recently redesigned. I’m working on…

  • DAY 105: “I’M SAD… FOR NOW”

    DAY 105: “I’M SAD… FOR NOW”

    This article was originally published on May 6, 2020 at It is probably time I level with all of you about what I think will happen. After 4 months of studying data, reading countless papers, books, and watching this migrate in our global culture, a few things have occurred to me. Those of you…

  • Strange Projects

    Strange Projects

    3/19/20 Welcome to I am increasingly concerned, trying to find as much information as possible, and needed to build a single dashboard that would give high-level, as well as detailed information at a glance. So, I built: For now, we’re going with data provided by Johns Hopkins University and visualized utilizing the datawrapper data…

  • Sort By Controversial

    Sort By Controversial

    There is an article, or rather, short story that I keep looking for and keep losing. Here’s “Sort By Controversial.” This fairly well explains the revolting developments of the last 3 years Eh “Moderate” is a conservative trying to look cooler “You’ll have to have a press conference. They would like to interview you,” Prince…