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Principal Architect & Enterprise Architect with a demonstrated track record of providing business & IT strategy consulting and enterprise architecture services. Core competencies include: enterprise cloud and on-prem architecture consulting, data center transformation, IT portfolio and strategy development, web technologies, system architecture development, business process optimization combined with, strong problem solving, team building, technical, and management skills.

Proven visionary leader of IT transformation programs, strategic IT planning efforts, and management of infrastructure, application, database, and overarching architectural change. A leader in the development of technology service offerings for transformation, deploying emerging technologies, as well as legacy system transformation.  Focused on providing leadership and vision the development of transformation programs, deployment of new technologies, business engineering initiatives, and strategic planning. Has designed and led multiple engagements as an information technology and hybrid IT strategist, principal enterprise architect, technology evangelist, lead systems architect, and delivery lead. Brings a background that includes significant architectural and technical achievement, knowledge of many products and services, and an understanding of technical market offerings, vendors, and strategic business direction.


  • Vast Business/IT Consulting Experience
  • Proven Leadership and Relationship Building
  • Solutions Focused
  • Customer Relations Driven
  • Issue Resolution
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Facilitation
  • Proven Management Skill
  • Early Technology Adopter
  • Constantly Evolving Technologist


  • IT Strategy
  • IT Portfolio
  • Management of Change
  • IT Transformation Strategy
  • Service Portfolio Design
  • DevOps
  • Engagement Estimation
  • Introducing New and Emerging Technology
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Quality Assurance (testing and remediation)
  • Consultative Selling
  • Strategic planning
  • Multi-Domain Expertise (infra/app dev/db)
  • Delivery Coordination
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Team Building and Collaboration

Professional Experience

Senior Cloud Architect
Aug 2021 – Present

Currently, I am part of a Fortune 500 technical hardware and services company serving as a cloud architect. I am responsible for the end-to-end development of very large and comprehensive consumption-based cloud service offerings to meet the most complex customer requirements in our industry. This position leverages my past experience and requires the daily use of architectural frameworks, methodologies, and tools, and ability to apply that knowledge to successfully deliver customer projects. The development of these solutions requires deep understanding of the hardware-level design, the functional characteristics, such as applications and databases and non-functional characteristics such as testing, deployment, and operations of complex systems. This also includes the hardware design, the support for that hardware, the technical consulting effort, and the ongoing operations. Often, I am required to integrate with existing architectures including that which is onsite, or deployed with cloud service provides such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Senior Solutions Architect
Dec 2011 – Aug 2021

As part of a Fortune 500 technical services consulting group, I served as the platforms, database, and emerging technologies lead for the Americas. My primary role was as an enterprise architect within the data center, database, and platform transformation and cloud computing disciplines. This included building end-to-end solutions for organizations and transitioning their applications, databases, and infrastructure from legacy to contemporary systems. These systems included large-scale data center transformations, platform migrations, virtualization, and cloud computing implementations, both public and private. I functioned as an expert in business process optimization, migration planning at large scales, data center operational automation, application modernization, capacity planning, and much more. I built solutions for much of the Fortune 1000 companies from pricing and staffing models to assisting the delivery organization in deploying those solutions. Some of my delivered projects include: building a 3000+ node Hadoop cluster for a major online payment processing company, building a system to support fraud detection for a large global banking organization, and the migration of the core stock trading engine from a legacy platform to Linux for the largest trading company in the world. I focused upon solutions for all database platforms and all operating system platforms, such as Windows, Redhat Enterprise Linux, legacy UNIX, Hadoop variants, Azure, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes (and similar containerization schemes).

Mobility Architect
Mar 2011 – Dec 2011

As a mobility solutions architect, I was principal strategist for mobile application and mobile technology strategy. I provided experience and leadership to a large automotive manufacturer and advised at the CTO level. I provided leadership and guidance as a mentor for the entire company from a mobile software development, mobile application deployment, and mobile enterprise management perspective. Past projects include: Creation of a customized application delivery mobile data management solution that included principles for convergence, and all security fundamentals, as well as the creation of a mobile development framework, a new portfolio product for corporate mobile enterprise software, development of a private label mobile apps portal, as well as the development of mobile usability standards, software development, deployment, networking, and device security practices, device management, software development standards and testing, and much more for both this and many customers.

Global Enterprise Architect
Aug 2006 – Mar 2011

As part of the global architecture team within the information services group of a large automotive manufacturer, I was a leader responsible for the architectural oversight of development of systems, software, and hardware on a global basis. I was responsible for leading the applications development and data architecture team, leading the distributed systems design architecture team, as well as leading the technical concurrence installation and operations planning and execution processes. Additionally, I was responsible for creating architecture, providing technical direction, consulting, and guidance on application development, systems integration, system testing, deployment, and operational maintenance. Was personally responsible for guiding new development projects for all applications from planning to deployment. This included custom developed system as well as commercial systems for well over 4000 enterprise IT projects. Establishing technical best practices and standards development and oversight on a company-wide basis. Established new security protocols based upon real-world threat assessment and vulnerability testing at all layers of architecture. Provided mentoring and coaching successful adaptation and adherence to various standards directive releases.

Director of Online Operations
2004 – 2006

Senior Systems Architect
2005 – 2006

Chief Technologist
2001 – 2005

Senior Development Architect
2001 – 2002

Director, Principal Technologist
2000 – 2001

Principal Consultant and Manager of IT
1998 – 2000

Senior Network Engineer
1997 – 1998

Senior Consultant
1996 – 1997

Network Administrator / Instructor
1994 – 1996

Consultant / Senior Consultant
1992 – 1996

United States Army
1986 – 1991

Other Relevant Skills:

  • Face to Face Sales
  • Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • P2V Migrations
  • Server Migrations
  • Platform Migrations
  • Software Migrations
  • Application Infrastructure
  • IT Performance Management
  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Testing
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Standards
  • SAP Technology
  • C-Level Management
  • IT Project Lifecycle
  • Business Requirements
  • Technology Governance
  • IT Governance
  • IT Portfolio Management
  • IT Portfolio
  • IT Strategy

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