• Pure Pro Wrestling and paxtonland

    Pure Pro Wrestling and paxtonland

    Since October 2018, we’ve been on the road wrestling, training, and putting on shows. Dash has wrestled in front of thousands of fans, learned about the business of professional wrestling, and has performed at over 50 live shows. Pure Pro Wrestling and it’s owner Joe Byrd (Xavier Justice) have become part of our extended family […]


  • Meridian Weekly

    Meridian Weekly

    We launched the Meridian Weekly website a couple of days ago. There were a number of difficult things to overcome, but it’s live. Also created facebook and twitter accounts for them to begin using. The Weekly is published in Ovid Michigan by a small staff and is living proof that print not only isn’t dead, […]


  • Gary E. Fletcher

    Gary E. Fletcher

    My friend Gary passed away. He was a great person and I was not a great friend. I will miss him. He was one of the reasons that I started my career in computers. I met him at a computer club meeting at Mott Community College in Flint, MI. We spent a lot of time […]


  • News Briefs – Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

    News Briefs –  Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me

    Last space shuttle tank leaves New Orleans — by sea, not air — for its journey to L.A. First this then that? Titanic sinks in real-time – A 2 hour and 41 minute simulation. Fascinating. I’m sorry 1906 San Francisco earthquake photos are captivating The British Library has begun streaming more than 1,000 recordings made in India between […]


  • News Briefs – “I can’t conform to your normal”

    News Briefs – “I can’t conform to your normal”

    Tinker with a neural network The Guardian’s breakdown of the Panama Papers The Verge reviews the phone I was most anticipating this year, the HTC 10. I’m disappointed. On to the Google Nexus 6p, most likely, or wait for the Galaxy Note 6. Remember that time Ted Cruz hated dildos? What is voter suppression really […]


  • News Briefs – Naked Schadenfreude

    News Briefs – Naked Schadenfreude

    Mountains of Mouthiness – I’m crying laughing at this. Texas Governor Orders Guard to Monitor US Military Exercises – “Hi, I’m athe paranoid delusional that you elected governor! Don’t question me!” True schadenfreude is delicious Somebody had a better idea than latitude and longitude or street addresses for communicating location to other people – Not. Anti-gay rights […]


  • News Briefs – Stacked Up For Days

    News Briefs – Stacked Up For Days

    Baltimore’s dual identity explains unrest – So many parallels to Flint. How Nepal’s earthquake was mapped in 48 hours – 2,182 digital volunteers, trawling 14,700 km2 worth of high resolution satellite imagery, identifying 3,128 damaged buildings. Public Opinion Shifts in Favor of Gay Marriage – Among Republican ranks, those under 50 are mostly in favor. An Anti-Creativity Checklist for […]


  • News Briefs – The links keep on coming…

    News Briefs – The links keep on coming…

    Jon Stewart: why I quit The Daily Show – I really don’t care for Jon Stewart, there are those that do, more the better for ya Meet the New Wave of Chinese Designers – Assimilation will be total. I, for one, welcome our new fashion overlords. Trapped Into Selling Magazines Door-to-Door – I’ve wondered for decades if […]